New Organic Wine Selections!

Organic farming in France goes beyond just being good for the Earth; it is a symbol of quality that comes from intensive labor by the winemakers.

 In the fields the farmers must work the soil by plowing the top level thus forcing the roots to grow deeper.  While this helps to protect the vines from pests and dryer temperatures, it also allows the plant to attain all of the minerals that it can, and leads to a better balanced wine with a nice, solid backbone.

 There are 3 new Organic domains we picked up on our last trip to France:

 > Pinot Noir from Sancerre (Domaine Gerard Fiou),

> Cote du Rhone (Domaine Galevan – Coralie Goumarre),

> Aligote (Domaine Sebastien Magnien).

Take it a step further and try the new biodynamic Muscadet from Jo Landron called “Amphibolite Nature”, named after the single soil where the vines are planted… a crisp and mineral Muscadet like you never tasted before!

Happy drinking!

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