Viticulture & Winemaking film about Sebastian Magnien, our producer in Beaune/ Burgundy, France

Sebastian Magnien video

Take a moment and watch this video about Sebastian Magnien,
our producer from Beaune/ Burgundy, France.

It is always nice to know the face behind the wine, and he is one of the new stars in
Burgundy…. only in his early 30s, and he has started
to make quite a name for himself!

Take notice of the soil that has been worked in between the vines.
This is done in order to drive the roots deeper into the soil.  When
this is done, the wine produced has more mineral notes that balance
nicely with the ripe fruit present.

You can find his wine on our list.  Check it out:

09 Sébastien Magnien, Aligoté, Burgundy, France


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