Carrboro Music Festival line Up at Open Eye Cafe!

On Sunday, September 27th, the following bands will play at the Cafe for the Carrboro Music Festival, all day & nite!

For more info go to:

CMF 2015

1:00 pm – String Beings – Bluegrass

2:00 pm – Multiples – Rock

3:00 pm – Tea Cup Gin – Torch Jazz

4:00 pm – Demitri Resnick – Louisiana Roots

5:00 pm – Tim Darrow – Folk/Guitar Rags

6:00 pm – XOXOK – Alt R&B

7:00 pm – Hal Engler Trio – Fusion

8:00 pm – The 6th Floor – Jazz & Blues

9:00 pm – Ellis Dyson & the Shambles – Ragtime


New Schedule! Coffee Workshops at Carrboro Coffee Roasters! Next up: Espresso 101 on Saturday, 10/10 at 11am.

Join Carrboro Coffee Roasters for a new series of Coffee Workshops, being held on Saturdays at the Roasting Facility, that will explore many aspects of what we love about coffee and learn new skills to help make your coffee taste the best it can be! See the flyers below for details.
















Scott Conary has been invited to Seoul, South Korea to act as Head Judge at the Korean National Barista Championship – 10/7-9.

The Competition will take place before the 11th Seoul International Cafe Show. In his capacity as a member of the World Barista Training Committee, he will spend the day before the competition training judges to prepare them to properly evaluate the 30 competitiors signed up for this event. More info can be found at :

Join Carrboro Coffee Roasters Barista Bash at their Durham Pop-Up Cafe at Golden Belt!

Barista Bash 2015


Dooley Black Saison Available from Carrboro Coffee Roasters Partnering with Steel String Brewery

We’re excited to announce the debut of Carrboro Coffee’s new collaboration with Steel String Brewery, the limited edition Dooley Black Saison.

Dooley Black Saison is brewed by Steel String Brewery in Carrboro using Carrboro Coffee Roasters’ Finca La Providencia cold brew from farmer Juan Francisco Pira in Guatemala. Dooley is a refreshing, summer-friendly coffee beer, with fruity saison notes. The beer is available on tap at Steel String and by the bottle at Open Eye Cafe and Caffe Driade.

Join us for a tasting of this unique beer on Thursday, July 23rd from 7pm to 9pm at Open Eye Cafe. We will offer a side-by-side comparison of the cold brew coffee with the beer to highlight the coffee component of the beer.

Dooley is the latest in a series of delicious coffee beers produced by Steel String and Carrboro Coffee, including the Night Train Coffee IPA and the No Quarter Brekkie Stout.

New limited time offer of La Cascada, a Nicaragua Cup of Excellence Coffee!

We have a VERY limited amount of this amazing coffee from the Nicarauga Cup of Excellence program!

it was a special award winner as the only Maracaturra varietal, which has this lovely strawberry jam, cherry danish filling flavor, with a  juicy & round mouthfeel, and a touch of raspberry tartness.

This is one you don’t want to miss! buy it as whole bean or as a Pour-over brew at the bar.

During the Farmers Market Tomato Day celebration from 7/10-12, we will be offering $1 off either the Bag or the Brew!  A great time to get acquainted to this one of a kind coffee!



Cafe’s Scott Conary to be Head Judge at Japanese National Barista Championship 2015-16

Carrboro Coffee Roasters’ President, Scott Conary will return again this year to Tokyo, Japan from September 29 thru October 3rd to act as the Head Judge for the Country’s National Barista & Brewers Cup Championships.  The Champions from these events will go on to represent Japan at the WBC in Dublin, Ireland in June of 2016.

As a member of the World Coffee Events (WCE) Instructional Design Committee, and a WCE Representative, Scott will spend the first days training & calibrating judges to prepare them for the multi-day event, which is the culmination of regional competitions around Japan that had hundreds of competitors vying for the National stage.

Hosted during the Annual Convention: Convention

& organized by:

Specialty Coffee Association of Japan

Carrboro Coffee Limited Release of Rwanda Cup of Excellence Roast at Open Eye Cafe

We’re excited to announce the release of our roast of the incredible 2014 Rwanda Cup of Excellence. In March, we gave you the chance to taste NY-based Gimme! Coffee’s roast of this award-winning coffee. It was delicious. This month, we’ll introduce you to our own roast of the same coffee.

The official unveiling of Carrboro Coffee’s Rwanda Cup of Excellence roast will be April 16th at 7pm in the main room at Open Eye Cafe. Explore this delicious and rare coffee and enjoy a free screening of A Film About Coffee, a documentary that highlights the work Carrboro Coffee has been engaged in over the past 11 years.

There will be a very limited amount of our Rwanda COE roast available for purchase in whole bean or by the cup at both Caffe Driade and Open Eye Cafe following the release. It’s likely to go fast, so make sure to stop by and get a taste!CCR_COERwandaMurangara-01

The Cup of Excellence award is the most prestigious award a coffee can earn. The program develops and promotes some of the most outstanding coffees in the world, encouraging the production of exemplary quality coffee while benefiting local economies at origin. The rigorous competition is open to any grower in the country, the winning coffees are sold through a worldwide online auction, and all profits are returned to the producing country, with a significant 83% of total auction proceeds returning straight to the farmer. Cup of Excellence award-winning coffees have secured record-breaking prices far above those typically offered, in direct connection to the superior quality of the coffee, and are often only available in small amounts.

This winning Rwanda COE was lot 27 from Murangara CWS, a Private Coffee Washing Station located in Muguba Sector, Karongi District in Western Province. The coffee washing station is very small scale, but has an important role in local communities because it generates jobs, providing income and social benefits to nearby residents. The coffee has a unique profile resulting from the topography conditions of the region. It is grown at 1500 to 1800masl Altitude, with Wet process and Natural sun drying. You can read more about the specifics here.

Carrboro Coffee Roasters president Scott Conary was honored to serve as a judge for the 2013 Rwanda Cup of Excellence competition, and is looking forward to returning this year in July! Read more about his experience in Rwanda in his “Field Report” for Barista Magazine here. It starts on page 34.


Scott and the rest of the Rwanda Cup of Excellence 2013 Judges Panel:

Scott with 2013 national cuppers:


Traditional dance performance as part of Cup of Excellence 2013 awards ceremony:

Scott with some of the children who received desks donated by him and other Cup of Excellence international judges:


Carrboro Coffee Roasters featured in the SCAA Specialty Coffee Chronicle Magazine

Case Study: Cultivating Quality in Honduras through Relationship Coffee

…’Paz’s colleague on the other end of the chain is Scott Conary. In addition to being the head judge of barista competition at national & world stages, Scott is the buyer for Carrboro Coffee, his roasting company in North Carolina.  he’s assembled a select group of farmers willing to invest in good production and build a closer relationship with the buyer, a hallmark of the direct trade movement or what Conary more intimately refers to as Relationship Coffee. Like a few of his colleagues he has built these relationships with families across Latin America. Carrboro stands out, however, with four Honduran farmers on their roster…’

Read more HERE



Carrboro Coffee Roasters’ President Takes Part in Coffee Reality Show

Scott Conary of Carrboro Coffee Roasters is featured in the Coffee Reality Showlogo-Barista-Farmer-

 – Barista & Farmer, which was filmed In Honduras this year, from February 1st thru the 10th.

Scott was featured as the instructor in the afternoon education programs for the Baristas, teaching such classes as Roasting & Coffee Cupping.

10 Baristas, chosen from a pool of hundreds of applicants from around the world, were tasked with working coffee farms alongside the very people whose life is built around growing the very coffee the Baristas love to brew.

  They were tasked with the daily work of harvest and processing and everything it takes to grow delicious high quality coffee – all on camera!

You can see the info on Barista selection here :Barista & Farmer Selection 2015

Various challenges were setup for all, such as who can pick the most ripe coffee cherries, and other team building exercises.

The Show took place in two areas of Western Honduras, known for high quality coffee, eco-tourism and intense beauty!

Capucas where the host is Cafe Capucas, & Copan Ruinas, where the host is Welchez


Check it out to catch the action and get a glimpse of Scott in the coffee growing community!

Find more info on the program here!



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