This is what we do….what we love.

Remember the pride when you made your first, well…anything?  Cookies from scratch, soapbox derby car, potholder, souffle’… anything handmade….

We get that feeling everyday, and I am here to tell you, its awesome.  WE take great pride in our coffee & our drinks – after all, each one is handmade!  Can you think of anything else that goes from seed to a drink in a matter of minutes?

Coffee is the passion behind attempting to be business people, not the other way around; and so we strive to do things in the coffee industry that may be counter intuitive to a business minded person – put quality first.

This encompasses everything from how and where we source our coffee, how we roast it, to how we make each drink.

Coffee Doesn’t get any more Fresh…

Did I mention that the Open Eye Café sells coffee that is roasted on premises?  A separate Wholesale business since 2004; Carrboro Coffee Roasters has been the premiere Small-batch artisan roaster in the Carrboro/Chapel Hill area and beyond; bringing the finest single origin coffee, carefully roasted every day, directly to you. They are committed to bringing you the finest coffees from around the world.   Owner Scott Conary has been traveling and building Farm Direct Coffee Relationships with small farmers and producers. This process of building coffee relationships involves not only sourcing great coffee, but working with farmers to improve the environment, their community, and the lives of those who depend on coffee production.

At Carrboro Coffee Roasters, they are constantly working on finding the best roast profiles for each new coffee before selling them.  Each roast is individually tailored to the specific needs of the coffee—they let the coffee tell them how to roast it, rather than impose a standard ‘style’ or roast degree. Every coffee is different and must be respected for its unique characteristics…at Carrboro Coffee Roasters, they feel this is their most important responsibility, after farmer relationship building—to act on behalf of the coffee and ensure that all of its intrinsic glory can be realized in the cup.