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August 2014
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08/02 – Saturday 8PM

Sawberg Jazz

08/09 – Saturday 8PM

Ghost Trees

Ghost Trees are no rookies; tenor saxophonist Brent Bagwell and drummer Seth Nanaa (ex-Indian Summer, ex-Sinker) first got together in New York c. 2000, and they have made a number of albums for Black Saint and other labels in a trio called The Eastern Seaboard. But now that they have downsized and re-settled in Charlotte NC, their music is stripped not only of extra instruments, but excess activity. They can be circuitous, but never in the where are we going way that some improvisers willingly expose. No, it is more like they know where they want to go, and they comment along the way about what Archie Shepp might have said about the trip if someone had thought to ask him in 1967. Bagwell sounds swell when he summons that phlegmy Shepp bark, but he has sufficient restraint and melodic imagination to strike a welcome balance. Nanaa moves things along quite satisfactorily, either swinging or adorning. Their years together in The Eastern Seaboard serve Bagwell and Nanaa well in establishing the trust level necessary to create some truly intriguing and adventurous moments.

08/15 – Friday 8PM

Rob Christensen of Saturday’s Radio – solo ac

Saturdays Radio is Rob Christensens ongoing folk rock (etc.) music project. Christensen has been musically active since the early 1990s and cites R.E.M., Wilco, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, The Replacements, The Beatles, and countless others as influences. He has recorded several well-received albums and has performed live in various spots all over the U.S. He currently resides in Orange, Virginia.

08/16 – Saturday 8PM

Pippa Hoover & Scott Frey

Pippa Hoover is a Raleigh/Durham-based indie folk singer/songwriter and cellist with a soulful sound and a flair for writing smart, introspective lyrics. With a rich and haunting voice, Pippa sings stories of swimming pools and snowstorms, baby fireflies and black holes. Pippas cello work showcases her twelve plus years of classical training with rich bass lines, textural chords, and lyrical solos. Pippa made her live performance debut in February of 2014, and has performed throughout the Triangle area. She is excited to continue bringing her set of over twenty original songs to thinkers, dreamers, and cello-lovers in the Triangle area and beyond.

08/17 – Sunday 1PM

Traditional Irish Music Session

(a bit slower for a Sunday afternoon)…1-3pm

08/22 – Friday 8PM

Meade Skelton

Meade Skelton is a Pop/Country Singer-Songwriter who hails from the great Southern town of Richmond, Virginia. You can find Meade performing at smaller , more intimate venues all up and down the East Coast. Whether its a coffee shop, farmers market, supper club, or church basement, Meade and his keyboard Bessie will probably be there. He has performed at such esteemed venues as the Bluebird Cafe , as well The Blue Plate Special Radio in Knoxville, Tennesee and Americas Cup of Polo near Washington, D.C. Meade Skelton has been dubbed Coffee Shop Country by music critic Ned Hepburn, and his commentary on his Death And Taxes blog. His style is that of the Countrypolitan days of yore- with a strong vocal and keyboard Country melodies. He lists Al Jolson and Moon Mullican as one of his strong influences, but he sometimes delves the line into Comtemporary Pop. Americana elements also mesh into Meades music- as he writes about all the things he knows and love including sweet tea, obesity issues, hipsters, lost love, and his beloved Dixie.

08/29 – Friday 8PM

Justin Payne

08/30 – Saturday 8PM

Patrick Blackburn

Patrick Blackburn is a singer-songwriter out of Durham, North Carolina, performing modern, alternative, acoustic folk rock. Formerly of the acoustic group Battle Not With Monsters, Patrick has moved on to a solo career.

Armed with a 12-stringed guitar, Patrick performs songs that continually focus on providing meaningful lyrics that express the creative and recreative nature of artistic expression. Heavily influenced by musicians such as John Lennon, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, R.E.M., and Sunny Day Real Estate, Patrick enjoys taking a minimalistic approach to his performances, relying on just a guitar and his voice to use lyrical expression for telling stories, providing social commentary, and genuinely enjoying the art of creating music.

Blackburn studied music education and performance at The University of North Carolina. He currently teaches band in Durham, NC at Githens Middle School.