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September 2014
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09/05 – Friday 8PM

Pea-Pickin Hearts

The Pea Pickin Hearts are a country music duo influenced by the Appalachian sounds of the 1940s and 50s that call Gatlinburg, TN their home. The name -Pea Pickin Hearts is a reference to none other than Tennessee Ernie Fords famous line -Bless your pea pickin’ heart. We have a lot of odd connections to Ernie. The name is a tribute to our history with each other (married 16 years) & our Tennessee home. The Pea Pickin Hearts are working on a new heavily folk-inspired CD,-Creekwood Crow for release in the Fall alongside a currently-untitled Moonshine EP.

09/06 – Saturday 8PM

Sawberg Jazz

09/06 – Saturday 6PM


We hope this will be the first in a series of drum circles facilitated by international performing artist Pline Mounzeo of Congo. A little bit of learning rhythms from the Congo River Basin rain forest. A lot of playing them. Some spirituality mixed in as you wish. Rare in the U.S. but a favorite all over Africa – “they are all musical geniuses” (quote from a Kenyan who works in Global Health at Duke). Could be Carrboro’s own unique sound!
We’ll be playing mostly congas and ngomas (big drum of the rain forest region) but if you want, bring a djembe. Pline played for 5 years with a Senegalese group, so he’s OK with djembes!

09/12 – Friday 8PM

Daniel Hudspeth

Daniel Hudspeth is a singer-songwriter from Durham. He just released his first EP, available for download at A full-time UNC student and husband and father, songwriting has been a way to chronicle the events of life in a truthful and beautiful way.

09/13 – Saturday 8PM

Highclouds Music

High Clouds is a duo that plays Waltzes, Swing, New England and Old Time Fiddle tunes, and music from Quebec. Maria Hernandez plays fiddle/violin and Steve Luteman plays acoustic guitar.

09/19 – Friday 8PM

Adam Burrows

09/21 – Sunday 1PM

Traditional Irish Music Session

(a bit slower for a Sunday afternoon)…1-3pm

09/27 – Saturday 8PM

Formation Sound

09/28 – Sunday 1PM


Check out our lineup!
1pm – Blue Tailed Skinks

2pm – Doug Largent Trio

3pm -The High Bushy Tails

4pm – The Fleeting Thrushes

5pm – The Undermanned String Band

6pm -the Phases of Matter

7pm – Straight 8’s

8 pm – B-Side Project

9pm -Bellflower