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Nicaragua – El Coco : Cup of Excellence Lot# 34

We have a limited supply of this fantastic award winning coffee from Nicaragua and the hard work of farmer Jose Augustin Fortin Altamirano. for the last 50+ years he has shown great care in planting the coffee between 18 varieties of shade trees, showing an effort to maintain a natural agricultural method and wildlife diversity. This ends up in a cup that shines with orange peel citrus and bakers chocolate body, with a balanced sweet & spicy finish.

This coffee was bought to support the Cup of Excellence program, a non-profit organization whose competition selects the very best coffee produced in each country for that particular year. These winning coffees are chosen by a select group of national and international cuppers. Only coffees that continuously score high are allowed to move forward in the competition. There is no other program that is as exciting for the coffee lover, the roaster, and especially the farmers whose monetary reward changes the lives of their entire family and the rural communities where they live.

8oz bag – $16.00

Coon rock Farm



Variety Pack! 3 – 8oz Bags of the Worlds Finest Coffee

We have a limited supply of these fantastic award winning coffees, and here is a great way to sample 3 of them! You get the Finca El Cerro from farmer Juan Raul Rivera in the Jinotega region in Nicaragua; The Zero Defect coffee from Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia; and the Award winning past CoE winner from farmer Tomas Sosa Calderon whose farm, El Aguacate, is located over 1500 meters high in the Comayagua region of Honduras. These coffees support our Direct Relationship Program that selects the very best coffee produced in each country and builds the bridge between the high quality farmer, the high quality roaster and eventually the consumer who finds coffees he truly loves and at the same time knows that the farmer has been well compensated. The Direct relationship also cultivates that initial understanding into a long term sustainable experience.

$40.00 / 3 – 8oz bags


Guatemala – Juan Francisco Pira – Finca La Providencia – Lake Atitlan

Grown at over 1500 meters high, this coffee from Juan Francisco’s farm in the Santiago region around Lake Atitlan is planted in rich, black volcanic soil. We are proud to share this shade-grown, high altitude coffee that offers floral & spice aromatics. As you sip, enjoy sweet citrus, milk chocolate and a spice finish.



Royal Badger, Red Goni – Double Select

The exotic spicy sweetness of this Indonesian classic is enhanced by a nice body and soft acidity.  Caramel &  chocolate comes out in the body, as well as a nice red berry sweet acidity, as a Full City Roast; that turns to dark chocolate and caramel in a Brazil Roast.$18.00/lb


Organic Honduras – Saul Melara, El Pinabetal

Grown at 1700m high, this coffee from the Ocotepeque region has been lovingly cared for by Saúl Melara Santos and his family. It has an amazing melon & green apple aroma with sweet spice balancing that green apple tartness. This Multi-Cup of Excellence award winner leaves you with a syrupy sweet long aftertaste.  We continue to work with Saul & his family again for the 5th year and are proud to be a part of this coffee family! Sample one of the best coffee’s in the world!


Honduras – Finca San Jose

From the Santa Barbara region of Honduras comes a direct trade coffee from a good friend; Farmer & Agriculturalist Jose Arnold Paz. Arnold takes the most thoughtful and rigorous care of his coffee from seedling to plant, and does all the processing of the coffee you enjoy drinking. His farm & processing are an inspiration to what is possible in quality cultivation. This coffee has a smooth body with notes of sweet citrus and nuts that presents itself as a lush acidity that charms your tongue. $18.00


Ethiopia Yirgacheffe – YirgZ

Grown high in the hills of Ethiopia at over 5,000 feet, this
coffee has had time to mature slowly and develop a flavor
profile that is unique and delicious.  The growing Cooperative,
which is under the Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative
Union (YCFCU) umbrella, specially sorts the coffee to have
Zero defects, allowing for the highest quality, and the wonderful
citrus zest, floral aromatics, and molasses and spice flavors.



Anabella & Antonio Meneses –  La Organica. Acatenango, Guatemala.

I first purchased this coffee thru an auction meant to highlights its specialness. We loved it so much I immediately went to visit the OCIA Certified Organic farm & talk to sibling owners Antonio & Anabella Meneses, who cultivate this certified coffee with ultimate care and attention to the environment. It has a floral fragrance, honey sweetness, a creamy milk chocolate body & a honeysuckle acidity.  $19.00/lb



Midnight Oil Blend

A delightfully deep and re-charging blend of South America & Sumatra coffees of varying roasts.  This is the coffee for folks who say they want a “bold” cup.  This blend gives you dark chocolate, toasted nut & spice, with a full bodied experience that works well alone or with cream.



Decaf Colombia

Finding good decaf is hard – but we have found one that stands up to the process. This high grade bean has a plenty of body, with a spicy and chocolate flavor and a floral aroma. Bold and wonderful with milk, it is excellent for espresso! $18.50/lb


Piedmont Espresso Blend

We are justly proud of our Espresso Blend, and we take great pains to ensure its excellence. Our carefully selected medley of light & dark roasted coffees creates a spicy caramel flavor ideal for cappuccino and caffe latte. The crema is rich and velvety, and the aroma is remarkable with a nice hint of citrus acidity. Properly prepared, this coffee is highly addictive. $18.50/lb


Organic Honduras – Tomas Sosa – El Aguacate

Tomas Sosa Calderon has put decades into making this an amazing coffee for you! With an orange, floral aroma and subtle apricot acidity, this past Cup of Excellence award winner leaves you with a lingering caramel flavor. This coffee was also a past Good Food Award Winner and is perfect for by-the-cup brewing such as French Press or Chemex methods. $18.00/lb


Ethiopia Sidama – ARDI

Named after the oldest human skeleton, found in Ethiopia (ARDIthecus Radimus); this natural processed coffee from the Sidama region combines the origins of man & coffee. The handpicked cherries are dried on raised beds for three weeks, leading to a floral, juicy blueberry, spice, and molasses sweet balanced cup! $20.00/lbP1030604



Please note: We sell only in one pound increments (i.e., 1lb, 2lb, etc.). Orders received after 3pm will be processed the next working day.

Open Eye Café Stuff

Open Eye Bumper Sticker

Let everyone who is following too closely to your car know you buy the best coffee (and know the coolest people). Weather resistant vinyl stickers that are easily removable (for those with commitment fears) and won’t damage your car. $2.00


Open Eye Cafe Diner Mugs

Flash back to the comfort of your favorite diner… except the coffee is delicious and the mug is stylish! Now you can recreate that feeling at home or the office with this high quality ceramic version that makes sipping your favorite drink so relaxing. Rhinestone studded glass chain & name tag not included…. $12.00

Open Eye Cafe Custom Socks

These socks, made by Defeet out of Hildebrand, NC, are amazingly technical and made with athletics in mind…but you don’t need to know that! All you need to know is they are comfy, cushion your feet & look cool!….

S, M, L & XL available





Open Eye Cafe Custom Gloves

These Merino Wool gloves are sure to keep you warm even during record snow falls! Stylish, and featuring no-slip grippies on the palms, these gloves from NC company DeFeet are sure to be your favorite go-to glove for all the action. Cyclist & runners have used them for years, but all those beloved features work for everyone’s hands!

S, M, L & XL available


Open Eye Cafe T-Shirts

A limited run of amazing American Apparel shirts designed by Barista Miles Murray, allow you to show off your Open Eye Cafe pride in a stylish way.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL



Carrboro Coffee Roasters Klean Kanteen

A fantastic double-walled insulated 12oz container does multi-duty as it keeps hot things hot, and cold things cold, for hours & hours! it comes with the loop cap for a quick connecting/transport seal and a separate “Cafe lid” can be purchased to facilitate its use as a travel mug, with a base that fits most cars.




Open Eye Cafe Gift Card

Give the gift of coffee, tea & more… Re-chargable gift cards that can be used once or recharged with a personal account. Stylish and practical and shows you care!

Create a gift card in any amount you wish (minimum $10).



2014-15 Open Eye Cafe Cycling Jerseys by VOLER !!!

Open Eye Cafe jersey 2014-01

A different color scheme and the amazing quality from VOLER make this one of the best purchases of the year!

Hidden 3/4 zip, raglan sleeve and incredible comfort….made in the USA!!


Coffee Workshops

Join Carrboro Coffee Roasters for their series of Coffee Workshops, being held on Saturdays, that will explore many aspects of what we all love about coffee, and learn new skills to help make your coffee taste the best it can be!  sign up via Eventbrite at www.carrborocoffee.com  & to get more details.

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