Our Baristas go thru extensive in-house training & certification.  Many  choose to further their knowledge & skill by obtaining additional  certifications via the Specialty Coffee Association & The Barista Guild of  America.  All of this adds to and enhances their technical skill & knowledge and leads directly into making fantastic drinks for you!


Espresso – check the chalkboard for our featured Single-Origin Espresso option
Cappuccino – Single, Doppio
Caffè Latte – Short (12oz),  Tall(16oz)
Caffè Mocha – Short (12oz), Tall(16oz)
Caffè Americano
Caffè au Lait
Extra Shot – of Espresso or Flavor syrup Iced Tea
Loose Tea – Small, Large
Chai LatteNon-Caffeinated Options:
Organic Juice
Hot Chocolate
Italian Soda
Mineral Soda/Bottled Water
Apple Cider (Seasonal – hot or cold)
Q Soda (Grapefruit/ Ginger)
Filter Brewed Coffee

Pour-Over  of the day – check the chalkboard

Specialty Drinks
Caffè Cortado – 1-2 shots espresso, with just the right amount of creamy steamed milk for ~3-4oz total.
Eye Opener – 4 shots of espresso in a tall (16oz) latte. WAKE UP!
Steamer – Steamed milk and flavored shot
Red Eye – brewed coffee with a shot of espresso


Flavor Syrups: Vanilla, Almond, Hazelnut, Caramel Raspberry, Lime

Sugar-free Vanilla, Caramel, Almond

*All drinks can be prepared iced!


-Assorted baked goods from Guglhupf Bakery -Vegan Cupcakes by Kelly G Cupcakes!

-Locally made Granola made in Graham, NC by Gorilla Grains!  Available by the bowl & 1# bags.

-Special Baked items made by Sweet Little Somethings Patisserie

-Fruit (Oranges/apples/bananas)
Tartine ( baguette with butter & jam)

Bagels on the Hill:
Bagel w/ cream cheese or butter
Bagel w/ Jam
Bagel w/ butter & Jam
Bagel w/Flavored cream cheese