CCR Holiday Coffee Blend

To kick off the holidays, Carrboro Coffee Roasters are rolling out their 2017 Holiday Featured Coffee! This limited quantity, Direct Relationship coffee comes from the Veracruz region of Mexico.

For over 200 years the family of Francisco Caraza have grown coffee & sugar cane along the slopes of Sierra Madre Oriental mountains. At Finca La Cuesta, their experience and attention to detail at all steps of their in-house process shows in a consistent and delightful cup. This special lot, Los Cedros, is a Cup of Excellence National Award winner, & features a mouthwatering juicy citrus, with notes of brown sugar and balanced with a coca nib finish.

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New Bike Installation

Last year, if you happened to be standing on Franklin street, or Main street in Carrboro during the Holiday parade, you would have seen, blocking the skyline, a rather large bike making its way from Morehead planetarium to Town Hall in Carrboro.

Designed by Tim Peck and friends, This 35+ foot bike suddenly needed a home after it made its debut in the parade.
A few of you know I have spent a large portion of my time on earth racing triathlons, running and cycling, etc.
This has translated in my business practices to trying to support others that want to do the same, for fun, learning or even serious racing.

To this end, we support local running/cycling & developmental groups such as Tricyclists, the UNC cycling & triathlon Team and Happy Tooth Cycling, Recyclery, Trailheads & Cardinal Track Club to name a few.

So, when Tim asked me if we could find a home for this enormous bike on our building, I had no real hesitations from the desire standpoint ( just safety ones!).

Our goal was to have it installed at the same time we installed our Bike Repair and pump station that we donated for all to use, next to the Cafe. The timing didn’t quite work out but I still love how it symbolizes our love of cycling and its grand size says, to me, Carrboro loves bikes!

So whether you use it as a marker for where to turn for the Libba Cotten Bike path towards UNC, as a way to locate our bike repair station, or if it just brings a smile as you crest the South Greensboro hill into town; this art installment was meant as a gift to the town, and you.

Not unlike our coffee mural we commissioned Michael Brown to paint on Roberson street, the idea is to beautify our town in a truly Carrboro way!