Open Eye Cafe Opens Up Front & Back Patios Outside!

Have you heard the news? We’re reopening our front and back patio!

As always, safety is our #1 priority – seating will continue to stay spaced out at least 6 feet apart and we ask that neither tables nor chairs are moved from their designated spots.

Masks are required until you reach the table and must be put back on before leaving the table, in other words – please only remove your mask when actively seated.

Each table will have a two-sided sign, one side green and the other red.

Red means stop and green means go – easy to remember!

🟢 Tables that have been sanitized and are ready for use will have the sign green side up.

🔴 If you see a table with the red side of the sign facing up, please see a staff member for sanitizing before sitting.

As you leave your table, please flip the sign over to the red side indicating that the table needs to be sanitized…After all, teamwork is dream work!

Open Eye Cafe Raises $500 for NC Black Alliance with Community Help!

Thanks to your participation in our retail bag fundraiser, we were able to raise $500 for

North Carolina Black Alliance
With this donation NCBA will be able to continue working toward state-level systemic change by strengthening the network of elected officials representing communities of color throughout the state.

Thank you for your generous support and stay tuned for our next fundraiser!