We are excited to share that we are now carrying Carrboro Coffee Roasters’ new Roastery Collection, the ‘Power of Process’!
This collection features Finca Un Regalo de Dios from Producer Luis Alberto Balladarez in the Dipilto region of Nicaragua.
In this collection CCR is highlighting the Pacamara coffee varietal, processed in 3 different ways: As a Natural, Honey and Washed.

So much goes into what makes a coffee’s flavor unique and just one of those many things is coffee processing. Processing involves dozens of steps and decisions that have to be made from the very moment the coffee cherry is picked off of the tree, right up to when it gets sent to the Mill to be prepped for exportation.

Luis Alberto Balladarez and his family are dedicated to exploring these different processes to produce incredible coffees. He has won many awards over the years for his coffee processing and milling methods, including multiple Cup of Excellence awards.

This is a VERY limited offering so don’t miss your chance to take the taste test for yourself!
Order in-store, online at www.openeyecafe.com or on out Toast Takeout App.